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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy

Do you know that solar energy we receive on earth for one hour can keep us going for an entire year? Yes, the sun’s energy is that powerful, and it is considered one of the most beneficial renewable energy sources.

Some people criticise solar energy as expensive and even inefficient. The good news is the cost of renewable energy has fallen in recent years, allowing households to switch to an eco-friendly electricity source. It is now easier for any solar energy company in Rajasthan to offer more efficient and cost-effective solar energy systems.

Amongst all other renewable energy sources, solar energy is the most abundant and affordable. Moreover, today’s advanced solar panel technologies have made it possible to harness more of the sun’s radiations that are freely available to us.

Having said that, let’s discuss the eight reasons why you should start utilising solar energy for generating electricity for your day-to-day needs.

1. Environment Friendly

Solar energy, as we all know, is a renewable energy source and hence, would have a minimal negative impact on the environment as opposed to other energy sources. Solar energy doesn’t pollute water or air as it doesn’t release any harmful greenhouse gases.

Moreover, the traditional solar panels would not require much water for their maintenance, unless of course, they are floating solar panels or floating photovoltaics (FPVs). These devices, as the name suggests, float on dams, reservoirs, and other water bodies to generate electricity. However, in that case, large acres of land will be saved! Also, these solar panels don’t pollute the water they float on.

Sunlight, according to scientists, will be available for a minimum of 5 billion years, after which they claim that it is expected to die. So, you don’t have a fear of overutilisation or depletion of solar energy.

2. Reduces Your Energy Bills

The greatest advantage of using solar energy is to generate your own electricity and use less from electricity suppliers. Needless to say how huge the amount of your savings will be on monthly energy bills. The more energy you generate, the less your utility bills would be, and the more self-reliant you will become.

The good news is you can even sell the unused energy you have produced by exporting it back to the grid. Taking the help of solar panel grants available today, you can make the best out of your green investment.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Solar panels usually don’t require high maintenance costs. You only need to clean them occasionally, maybe a couple of times in a year to get the job done. You can even take the help of specialised cleaners for cleaning and maintaining your solar system to increase their longevity and efficiency

Also, any renowned solar energy company in Jaipur would offer a significant warranty period of around 20-25 years. Hence, you can rest assured about its high performance in the long run. You only need to change the inverter every 5-10 years depending on usage and brand, since it is working continuously to convert solar energy into heat and electricity.

Besides, the cables also require regular maintenance to make sure that the solar system is in good working condition and is operating at maximum efficiency. You just need to cover the initial installation costs, after which you can expect very minimal spendings on repair or maintenance work.

4. No Energy-Production Costs

The best thing about solar energy is that you can convert it into electricity without requiring any additional energy production costs. Once you install solar panels, you won’t need to spend a single penny on producing energy, as solar energy doesn’t require any external supply to work. You simply need to make the initial investment in installing your panels. Take the help of any top solar installer in Jaipurto receive installation services at reasonable costs.

5. Lets You Have Control Over Electricity

You can add a home battery unit with your residential solar panels to store large electrical power that you can use to power your home during peak hours. It offers you full freedom to control your electricity and use the energy as and when required. This mechanism provides a buffer against electrical blackouts (a step taken towards the prevention of wildfires) by providing power backup for a significant amount of time.

Rooftop solar panels are designed to power your home during the day and allow you to use the electrical energy stored in batteries at night. This is how you can gain complete freedom over how you use the converted electricity. Consult the best solar rooftop company in Rajasthan, who would be providing installation services in remote areas.

6. Versatile Installation

The installation process of solar cells is quite easy and simple as you can place them almost anywhere. You can utilise any horizontal or vertical space that is generally left unused. You can install small-scale solar cells and even expand your installation as per your preferences and needs.

Moreover, individuals living in remote areas, where the costs of electrical line installation and energy distribution are too high, can benefit largely from solar panels. This is possible only because one can deploy solar energy anywhere in the presence of sunlight.

7. Less Energy Lost During Transmission

As the distance between the production point and supply point increases, loss of energy during transportation and energy distribution increases as well. Even though these energy losses are not so significant, they do have an impact on the overall performance of the solar system, especially in densely-populated areas.

The problem is solved if you install solar panels on our rooftop since the distance between the production and supply points is reduced. This is why a rooftop solar company can offer more profitable and efficient energy production systems.

8. Technological Advancements

The past few years have witnessed significant innovations and trends in the solar energy industry that are developed to make lives easier. The R&D teams in the renewable energy sector are constantly making improvements to make a better future.

For example, developments and advancements in nanotechnology and quantum physics increase the efficiency of solar panels twofold or even threefold.


Solar energy is the most advantageous renewable energy source, and if used right, it has the potential of changing the entire planet. What’s more, you can even create a brighter future for the next generations, thus building a better tomorrow!