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How Do You Replace a Roof with Solar Panels?

You have decided to switch to solar energy and harness solar power to generate electricity. Congratulations! You are going to save big on your monthly electric bills.

A solar panel system is a long-term investment and can last for about 30-35 years. Imagine the annual savings you can make for such a long time.

However, owing to such a long life span of solar panels, the homeowners might be concerned about the impact their solar cells can have on their roof. Will my roof hold the panels until that time? If I consider a roof replacement, will removing and replacing the panels be a hectic task? Will my rooftop solar company offer such support? These might be some of the questions running in your mind!

Let’s discuss the best solutions for replacing your roof with solar panels installed.

Consider Roof Replacement Aspects At the Time of Installation

Before you install solar panels, think about your roof replacement factor and talk to your solar company in Rajasthan. Get your roof examined thoroughly to determine its strength and whether it can withstand your solar panels for the next few decades.

Except for a few exceptions, you would not generally find a solar energy company in Jaipur offering roofing services. If your roof life is approaching its end and you are likely to reroof soon, you will need to contact an experienced roofing contractor. Your solar company would at least give you good referrals of one or two available in your area.

After evaluation, if your roofing contractor feels your roof needs a replacement prior to solar panel installation, then get that done right away. An interesting fact is your solar panels can actually increase the longevity of your roof and save the portion that they cover. This is because most solar panels are more durable than most of the flooring materials used. So, it’s always a smart idea to go for a roof replacement before the installation.

Also, doing so comes with another benefit. You may not require another roof replacement during the lifetime of your solar panels. As a result, you won’t need to go through the hassles of removing and replacing your solar system, thus saving you money in the long run.

How to Replace a Roof with Solar Panels?

If you absolutely need to reroof after installation or you have already installed your panels on your old roof, don’t worry, there’s a solution for you. The following steps should be helpful in this regard.

Step 1: Contact your solar installation company and schedule a time for the removal of your panels. There are many contractors who would provide removal services, but it is always a good option to contact your original solar company. In this way, you can save your panels from accidental damages, since these experts would know precisely how to carry out the process with your specific solar system.

Step 2: Once your solar company in Rajasthan gets a professional removal team that gets your panels uninstalled, make sure to store your panels in a safe place away from all activity. Never keep them outside, such as on a balcony or lawn. Consider storing them in the garage, the shed or the storeroom.

Step 3: Next, your roof replacing crew would start working on removing your old roof. This would create a lot of dust and debris, which might damage your solar panels if you place them outside. So, store them safely.

Step 4: After the removal of the old roof, the team will start the reroofing process. The time taken for roof replacement varies depending on the size of your roof, and the type of roofing you might be switching to, such as shingle roofing, metal roofing, etc.

Step 5: Once your new roof is installed, the roofing company must clean up all the debris. Your solar energy company would then start the reinstallation process of your panels. The process would also include reconnecting the solar system to your solar batteries (if you are using them) and of course, to your utility grid.

The entire process is quite effortless on your part as your expert contractors will get it done while you sit and relax.

How Much Would the Entire Process Cost?

Honestly, the cost depends on a number of factors. If you replace your roof before installing solar panels for the first time, it will definitely save you a lot more, as you can avoid uninstalling and reinstalling costs.

However, if that is not the case, the cost will depend upon the size of your solar panels, the size of your roof, the type of roofing you are installing, and similar other factors. Additionally, there will be labour costs, which depend on the installation company you are hiring. Discuss the cost break up and the whole procedure with your solar company in Jaipur before you begin the reroofing process.

Always try to go back to your own solar company as they would have good warranty coverages, such as on solar panel maintenance services. Also, they will be familiar with every minor aspect and would best know the functioning of your entire solar system, and hence carry out the installation process more efficiently.

Do you know that some solar installation companies even offer warranty coverage for roof repair, especially if it is damaged at the time of solar panel installation? This is a rare case though, but if the installation creates issues to your existing roofing, you can get it done without extra charges as per your warranty policies.


You might think what’s the point in installing solar panels if you need to reroof. The fact is solar panels can save you thousands of bucks over its lifetime, which might be for 2-3 decades, or even more.

Also, as mentioned earlier, it is a good option to replace your old and damaged roof before going solar. It will not only save uninstalling and reinstalling costs in the future but also help to keep your roof in good condition for many more years, as long as it is covered with your panels. Moreover, solar panels love to pair with new roofs, which further help to increase their efficiency and output energy!